Why React JS is a Better Solution for Enterprise App Development?

Why React JS is a Better Solution for Enterprise App Development?

It seems like the battle between the React and Angular has been going on since the beginning of time. As for front-end development, Angular has always been considered as the industry standard. But, React.JS has come a long way, competing for the same title. So, the sole reason behind this article is to make you aware of the benefit of React and why one should consider the same for enterprise app development. 

What Exactly is React.JS?

Initially built by Facebook, react.js is one of the JavaScript libraries. In fact, till date, Facebook maintains React all by themselves. What makes React so intuitive is their easier workflow along with the idea of the utmost simplicity. React.JS can always make your front-end development scalable. 

Key Benefits of Using React.JS

Once you get accustomed to React.JS, you can actually reap a ton of benefits through them. Down below is a list of some of the key benefits of using React.JS: 


Faster workflow is something that React is always known for. With the help react, developers can build individual aspects of the application. This can help in speeding up the entire development process. In other words, while working on a single application, you can hire multiple developers to work in individual parts. 


It is imperative to understand that React as initially built bearing robust and faster performance in mind. It helps the entire rendering process done smoother with the use of their DOM program. In the end, one can always build complex applications with ease. 

Mobile-Friendly Applications: 

React.JS is not only can be used for web development. On the contrary, one can easily build native mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. 

Reasons to Choose React.JS for Web App Development

As we have discussed earlier, all the benefits of React.JS, it surely has the upper hand over any other framework. That is also one of the reasons why it has become one of the most popular frameworks in the first place. Down below is a list of some reasons why you should consider choosing react.JS: 

Easier to Learn

The difficulty of implementing new technology is dependent on it’s learning curve. On the contrary, as for React, anyone can make a seamless transition. React is so flexible that developers can make use of standard JavaScript codes within React. Overall, the syntax used in React are also easier to learn. Someone who is accustomed to JavaScript can easily learn React within a span of 2-3 days. 

Code Re-usability

React.JS is used to mostly develop android applications. That is why the reusability of codes are accessible to React. React developers also have a stronghold over the flow of data. Using flux architecture, React.JS provides one-way data binding. 

Streamlined Testing

When it comes to backtesting the application, there is no match for React.JS. It supports frameworks such as Babel or reacts-di for testing. You can easily monitor the events, trigger different functions along with the output. You can also browse ecmascript6 module with React. Such stability over code is only possible within React only. 

Final Verdict

There is no point in arguing that React possesses all the features to meet your enterprise goals. One can easily increase their efficiency by implementing React within their workflow. Working with React will also ensure that you keep your business bulletproof. That being said, if you are looking for the top of the line enterprise solution, React JS is the one to go for. By doing so, you can always cut down your expenses while improving your conversion rate.