Time Management

Time Management- A misnomer

We have often heard the term ‘Time Management’ by many. However, have you ever given a review on the statement? Did you ever wonder that can time really be managed?

One of the popular American educators and authors Stephen Richards Covey says, “Time management is a misnomer, the challenge is to manage ourselves.”

Many of us are looking for better time management abilities in order to complete all of our tasks. Magazine covers feature content on time management. Tips for time management can be found in blog postings. New time management books are continuously being added to the bookshop shelves.

The TRUE answer

All the individuals need to correct this misinterpretation of the term. Talking in real terms, we cannot manage time because it keeps on going at its own pace. You cannot control time. However, you can control, handle, manage and schedule your activities and tasks. 

What we truly want to do is learn how to manage our time. To make the most use of the time we have each day to manage our lives and surroundings. For each person, this appears in a unique way. Managing time for an at-home mom with toddlers and preschoolers will seem very different from a woman whose kids are about to flee the nest. Women who work outside the home face a distinct set of challenges than moms who work from home. We always juggle managing tasks in the dedicated time slot. 

So, let’s look at the solution to this misnomer

Bear in mind that time is not controlled and managed. However, you can manage your tasks. The first thing that you can do is to set your goals that will help to identify the target and then you can prioritize the work. An example of a goal can be setting a goal for yourself to not take personal phone calls or answer non-work-related text messages while you’re at work for one week. Each day should begin with a session selecting the activities for the day and establishing a performance benchmark. Then plan your work accordingly. Planning time for your monthly activities is the most effective approach to plan them. Setting a time limit for actions will help in accomplishing tasks on time.  

Remember that the goal of time management is to change your actions, not to change the clock. Eliminating your personal time-wasters is an excellent place to start.