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Things that you need to know before developing your E-commerce website

If you are a retailer starting an eCommerce business, there are many steps that you need to consider. An E-commerce site involves a lot of moving place pieces that you need to consider. There is a chance that you can miss a lot of important things if you don’t take a moment to plan everything.

So, before you begin looking to hire a web developer to build your fantastic e-commerce website, be sure to plan out all these features to get the best possible end results.

Organize your products in advance

It would be best if you planned out all of the products you want to sell on your platform before hiring a website designer. This is important so you can know how long it will take to get everything set up. You might also need high definition photos to showcase products that will require studio photography for each item. You’ll also need a description and pricing layout before you can put your products for sale on the website.

Keep in mind that some platforms will also provide discounts to users by the volume they buy. So if you expect a lot of sales, then be prepared to handle the increased costs that come with the E-Commerce platform.

What kind of products are you selling

Every online store is different; they also sell different kinds of products.

Simple, variable, configurable includes basic products that have different types that are showcased together on a website.

Subscription includes products that need to ship on periodic time intervals with repeated payments.

Depending on what kind of products you sell, the setup of your eCommerce website will be different. The more you know about products, the better developer will be able to set up your website.

What is your development budget?

You need a custom website; you will need to hire a development team. If you have a vision in mind of your website, you can compare it to other sites similar to the functional design. You can even ask the developer to do a basic code review to feel what you have in mind.

Usually, the budget range for website development is between $5,000 to $50,000. Depending upon the functions and uniqueness of your platform, you need to set your budget accordingly. The website development cost can go even higher if you have a specialized development required for your website.

How does it need to scale

It is always a good idea to plan out your next 5 years or 10 your goals before sitting down with the website designer. You need to set growth goals is what your website will need to support if you add more products for complex features.

If you have not pre-planned anything and need to scale your website unexpectedly that it can be a huge pain. Before you invest thousands of dollars into developing your eCommerce site, you better spend some time planning what you’ll need in the future. Communicating all this properly can save you from building a new site in a few years.

Sometimes you won’t add new features later on if you don’t discuss it with your web developer in advance. So it is an excellent idea to discover those things when you are meeting initially.

What reporting tools do you need

You also need to take some time and figure out what kind of reporting features you need to control and monitor your inventory orders. Reporting tools are great as they have features that can let you know when you are running low on products, how many sales you made, your buyer’s primary, etc.

All these key metrics can help you discover new product categories and consumer markets to grow your business.

How are you going to accept payments

Payment processing for e-commerce can be challenging is you need to decide from all the payment platforms which one will be right for you.

Once you begin scaling your platform and add more items or complex features, you will need a proper shopping cart to calculate custom orders and possible process discounts.

Consider your options carefully and discuss them in detail with your web designer properly so that you can find the exact right platform for payment that is good for your website.


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