The Future of Marketing: Chatbots

The Future of Marketing: Chatbots

Whenever you come across the term ‘bot,’ they are always associated with some sophisticated technology which the majority of us can’t comprehend. In reality, bots are nothing more than a medium to automate repeated human tasks with the help of computation. Chatbots works behind the same principle. So, the idea behind this article is to make you aware of chatbots, what makes them unique, and how they can actually change your marketing tactics.

What Exactly are Chatbots?

As discussed earlier, chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning to mimic human interactions. The same idea can be taken into marketing to provide better customer support. This is where the name ‘chatbot’ came into existence. Chatbots are basically designed to work under if-else statements, and as the condition satisfy, they respond.

What is Special About Chatbots?

Chatbots use the inbound messaging framework, which actually provides them the upper hand to communicate with customers even better than humans. There are several drawbacks, such as emotions, which can create a hindrance. Chatbots tend to remove that barrier. Down below is a list of some of the other benefits of using this inbound messaging framework:

Smart Connect

The majority of the time, messaging applications are used to interact with customers. With the help of chatbots, marketers can bring down the connection time as chatbots are always connected over the internet. Chatbot’s engaging tone is also another aspect that adds a richness to the conversation.

Better Understanding

Have you ever come across any circumstances where the customer support had a hard time understanding you? Chatbots, on the other hand, can filter relevant questions from generic conversations. So, this, in turn, creates a better understanding between the user and chatbot, making the flow of conversation in an efficient way.

Refined than Before

With the help of AI, ML, and neural engines, chatbots can evolve themselves after every single conversation. Based on the interaction of the user, the chatbot can optimize the conversational strategy. This provides the user with a better experience.

Quicker Delivery

Chatbots can pinpoint your problem and provide you with the most optimal result. Unlike humans, they don’t have to think and come up with the solution. This can lead to a faster delivery than ever before. Sometimes the user doesn’t have to leave the chatroom before their problem gets solved.

Changing Our Perception of Marketing

Here is a list of some of the ways in which chatbots has completed changed the way we perceive marketing:

Higher Conversion rate :

With such great customer support, chatbots have the tendency to generate leads in real-time. It is imperative to understand that adding value is what attracts more customers instead of flashy advertisements and whatnot.

Clear Customer Insights :

Long done are the days where you need to play the guessing game with your customers. Looking at the customer perspective, they can always be open and transparent with a chatbot as compared to a real human being.

Highest Level of Personalization :

Chatbots are the perfect medium to resonate with your customers. They can look back into the customer’s behavior and come up with suggestions according to the same. So, they can also be used to promote new products and services to your customers.

Final Takeaway

Looking back into traditional marketing, their latency to provide better customer support has pushed their customers instead of gaining a new one. Chatbots, on the other hand, has completely changed the way we perceive marketing. Their engaging conversation has resulted to better lead generation. So, if you are a marketer and looking forward to an effective way of marketing? This is the best time than ever to implement chatbots and attain your business greater heights.