The Effect of Global Pandemic on the Travel Industry

The Effect of Global Pandemic on the Travel Industry

With the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus, the travel industry has become one of the fastest falling industries. That being said, with the entire world in lockdown and going through self-isolation, there is hardly any tourist left. According to the latest statistics published by the World Travel and Tourism Council, in case the pandemic continues for another month or so, the entire travel industry is going to take one of the biggest hits of all time. There are more than 75 million people who can lose their job while having a total loss of $2.1 trillion in revenue. 

UNWTO’s Suggested Guidelines

For the emergency purpose, some parts of tourism are still functional. It’s not technically for the tourists but to ensure a seamless import and export of goods. Here are some of the guidelines that have been suggested by UNWTO:

  1. All the agencies need to work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) for proper management in the context of the outbreak. 
  2. According to WHO, it is imperative to take health measures during such travels to minimize the risk.
  3. Transportation to the affected counties should be kept standing in solidarity.
  4. All the agencies should always be ready to provide further assistance to their respective government organizations.

Government’s Messages on Travel Industry

Under these unfortunate circumstances, the central ministry of the majority of the counties has shut down their tourism. By doing so, this is going to have a huge impact on their overall revenue, but at the end of the day, people’s lives are far greater than that. By far, three of the major airlines in the United States have already filed for bankruptcy, and the same pattern can be seen throughout the world. It’s not only the airlines that been affected, but the cruise industry is also going through a similar situation.

Highest Impacted Countries

Counties like the Philippines and Thailand, tourism contributes about one-fifth of their GDP. The same condition can also be seen for the most affected country in the pandemic, such as Spain and Italy. On the other hand, country like South Korea is handling the situation at it’s best. Taking into context the sheer number of people affected, the United States of America has taken a significant amount of losses.

Future of Travel Industry

As we are gradually approaching towards the bitter end of the global pandemic, the condition seems to easy. As for the consumers, they are being assured that everything will return to its normal state once this is all over. In Fact, the majority of the travelling agencies throughout the world have taken this inspirational approach to fighting with the panic within ourselves. For example, Switzerland’s tourism has completely taken a different approach. Through their social media handles, they are providing a glimpse of Switzerland for their viewers.

Concluding Words

It is imperative to understand that now is not the best time to lose our hope. Although the travel industry is running at their all-time low, it is going to take a significant amount of time for them to recover. As for the general public, canceling a trip or two won’t affect our livelihood as much as getting infected. So, make sure to stay home and stay safe.