Startup Approach

Specially formulated for the companies that are in the first stage of operations. At this stage companies are likely to get affected even by minor changes and hence, we help them foresee the changes and strategies to cope up. A detailed SOAR analysis is carried out by our entrepreneurs in residence to help startups reach their vision.



The unique idea and courage is the strength a startup undoubtedly possess. To convert this strength into a strategy to enter into the marketplace is where we come into the picture. We identify every distinctive feature of business and make it a strong reason to create brand awareness and identity. Our team of successful entrepreneurs spot your strengths and build strategies accordingly.



With the idea being one of its kind, there are limitless opportunities to conquer. Our team directs you towards the right ones that will fetch the desired results and also aid in exposure towards resources required to make the most out of the opportunity. There are numerous opportunities, we figure out the best for your business.



Our visionary entrepreneurs can sense the success and thus help you set your aspirations. Help you to strategize where your business can be after certain years down the line. We help you achieve your objective of how you want to be known through systematic planning.



We set realistic milestones to measure how much we achieve and to assure we are on track towards reaching our goal. We use various tools to get desired results. We transform your business technologically and digitally for desired outputs. We achieve measurable results with accuracy.

Startup Product Life Cycle

Startup products are quite volatile and need that extra care and research. We at HIRUN, consult you from right when the product is your brainchild till the commencement of business. We plan strategies for each stage of the product life cycle and innovative ideas for launch. We have a team of world-class expert startup consultants who have successfully helped more than startups.



The right platform is the heart of the process. An incorrect decision can lead to entire project failure in no time. Our entrepreneurs in residence go through minute details about your project and keeping in mind the purpose of your business, products you offer and your target audience, we suggest you the right initiation platforms and technologies.



It's the skeleton and skinning and you can’t go wrong anywhere. Wireframes focus on functionality and designs focus on user experience. This stage is very critically monitored by our experts as it also provides the base for developers to build the system ahead. This stage hence involves high tech skills and breathtaking creativity.



BANG! This is how your product looks like and it has to be amazing as investors will be presented with this mock product. This prototype will lead the developers and investors as to how the product will work. We design it quite precisely. Modifications here are a bit easier and cost less.



If it's for you, we really need to know how's it. Its that version of the product that we release and all thanks to early adopters, they use and assist us with their valuable feedback. This finally answers the most uncertain question that becomes a major reason for failures: Is the product good-fit for the market. What are the changes your end-users need reducing the risk of failures and saving costs?



MVP is a proposed product and will definitely attract investors. We see MVP as an investment that fetches equity. This phase helps to know the future demand for the product.



Here is when our tech experts pour their knowledge and turn your startup dreams into reality. We are confident about success at this stage as we have years of experience and a team of developers we rely upon for performance and of the product that too within a stipulated time period.



As customer education and clear communication is our motto, We keep our customers in unison right from the initial phase with timely updates and a transparent structured reporting system. After successfully delivering it with efficacy and required level of training, we consistently support it like it's ours.