react native

5 Reasons to choose react native for app development

In today’s digital age, it is quite a necessity to be able to reach every user out there quickly. Best way to do this is to launch a mobile app for all your customers so that they can interact with your business using their smartphone anytime, anywhere. Among many app development frameworks available React Native is one of them. Here in this article, we will show you why React Native is best for your business app development.

1. Provides cross-platform development

The react native gives you the freedom to develop apps that run on Android and iOS. Thus it provides the same performance on both platforms. Without having the need for different programming languages such as Java, C++ or other languages, you can design app using the react native platform. The time, communication and cost all are saved by using just one platform instead of multiple ones.

2. Quick feedback loop

Xcode was a popular platform to develop an iOS app, but it was a wise option when there were fewer API libraries, and the app sizes were small. Now the apps are much more complex, and their sizes are significantly bigger; therefore, it increases the compile time.

With the react-native platform, the compile-time is gone, and you have the ability to see the changes instantly in the app as soon as you make any. If you look at it’s not such a big deal but for developers, if they have to wait for the 20s to compile 30 times in one day, then it’s a dreadful picture.

3. Primary code for Android and iOS is the same

The basic level programming of react native is the same for both Android and iOS. Therefore it becomes easy to deploy the app on both Android and iOS platforms. If there are any changes to be made after then recompiling time is reduced, so making changes is also much easier.

4. Growing all the time

React native is under constant development. As Facebook uses it in their apps and even come web platforms, they keep constantly working on the development of the framework. If you are stuck on a problem that you can’t solve on react native, then you’ll soon receive an update from the developers that might solve your problem.

Due to the increasing popularity of the react-native platform, Microsoft has also taken it’s noticed and created their own software. React Native for Windows allows the developers to easily create an application for the Windows 10 and the Xbox platforms.

5. Community

As many big tech companies also use this platform, the community around react native is very positive and active.

Dependency management is the lesser-known part of app development. Using systems like Carthage and Cocoapods, it was a nightmare for the developers but upcoming Swift package Manager looks promising from Apple. NPM and Yarn are two great options for dependency management, which makes it easier to recompile and run the app.