A million Dollar App Idea: How to convert it into reality

A small workout session, Diet plan, Want to track your schedule, Book a holiday, Learn something new or make payments, you just have a simple solution to all of this: download an app. Do you have a million dollar app idea? The world is a small place now and we expect things to happen in just a few clicks. Now that you have a great idea, let me guide you step by step on how we can transform this into a real experience. We help you build your million dollar app idea into reality.

Let’s brainstorm

We listen to your idea patiently. We know the purpose of the app and the problem that you are trying to solve. Then, we list down all the features and functionality required. 

We answer 2 questions for every functionality 

  • Is this feature necessary to solve the purpose of the app
  • Is this technically possible

Once we understand the concept, our tech consultants then analyze the functions and features and prepare a refined estimate of the time and cost needed to convert this into reality and divide this into phases. First comes the functional prototype of the app and then we keep on improvising it.

Creative Design 

Now that we have the idea and thoughts streamlined, our creative team starts working on the app flow and user scenarios. The basic wireframes are prepared. Where the icons should be placed, the size of the buttons, the content in each screen, and the screen flow.

Once the wireframes are ready, designing starts. The theme, the color palette to be used and the icons. Now you have your app idea coming to life. The design step has your constant approvals and any iterations at this stage become easy. After the final approval, you have your entire app screens and flow ready for great user experience.

Code test code

The designs are ready and it’s time to put life in it. Expert tech minds start coding and work on making the core functionality up and running. Developers keep developing and the testers make sure the development is bug-free. 

The Backbone

Did you know? There is an entire world behind the app that you use. What we as users see is called front-end. That won’t make the app function as required. Here come our heroes: Backend developers. They make sure your users are directed to the right part when you click anything on the app. This is also very important for data storage and security. All the customer data that is legitimate to store is stored here, and hence its the backbone of your app.

The Control

We make an app that can be controlled by you at each stage via an admin portal. We make the app changes independent of coding. We design a very easy to use admin control the text changes, image changes, or any offer updates, price updates, add/remove customers/vendors everything can be controlled by you very easily and this makes it’s super-efficient.

Prototype and beta usage

Once we have the front-end and backend in line, the functional prototype of your app is ready. If you want to present it to investors for funding, you can. The main purpose of this step is to give it to actual users and collect as much feedback as possible. Feedback at this stage is the most valuable thing because end-users, not technologies, shape the market.

Rethink, Revise and publish

All the user feedbacks are analyzed and bifurcated as: is this affecting a core functionality? 

What will be the estimated time to integrate this change?

Only those changes from the feedback are considered that are affecting the core functionality and the other changes are moved to Phase: 2. Say it’s a hotel booking app, opening the room door with Bluetooth is a feature that will create a different user experience but is it necessary for the first phase? Only the changes that affected the reservation cycle should be considered here. The feature of opening a door with Bluetooth can be done anytime later. With all the features integrated from the feedback of the actual users and assuring its functioning as required, the app is finally published to the app store/play store.

Improvements and maintenance

Once the app is live, you will have a lot more opinions than the beta stage. opinions from all sorts of age groups, professions, and locations. Then we can analyze what is the actual market requirement and start working on the improvements as phase 2 and keep on updating the app for better user experience and according to the market needs to fit in better.

We have a team of experts to guide you at each stage of your million dollar app idea. Just share your idea and we can work on it to convert it into reality. If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished so  Let’s create some amazing tech together!

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