Best Machine Learning Framework for Web Development in 2020

Best Machine Learning Framework for Web Development in 2020

This is the year of machine learning and AI development that are creating millions of jobs in the industry. With the latest study, machine learning will create 2.3 million jobs in the market for IT professionals. This has led to the growth of Machine Learning Frameworks for the developers.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the process by which AI software learns the processing of the data with time, example, and experience. With the process of time, AI software understands the human language query and process the information for the predicted outcome. The very best example of AI and Machine Learning is Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

Best Machine Learning Framework for the Web Developers

Machine Learning Frameworks is the tool for web developers that help them build Machine Learning models for developing AI for their device/ software.


TensorFlow is the upgraded open-source software library that offers numerical computation for using data graphs. The developers can obtain and use the graphs for building a model that has an effective Machine Learning Mechanism for the software models.


Theano is the set of library tools that runs parallel with the state neural systems library. The best part of Theano is that it is folded with Keras. It bridges the gaps between machine learning and deep learning. The interface of the tool is simple and to the point. If you are Python-based web developer Keras is a simple solution for your worriers.


 Scikit-Learn is the single stop solution for the developers who works with the Python community. The interface of the toolkit is smooth and easy. The giants like Evernote and Spotify use it for AI-based solutions. The framework helps in the robust documentation for every query made by the users. It can also perform supervised and unsupervised learning for your software. The framework can perform a task on multiple nodes without delaying the speed.


PyTorch is another Python-based framework for the web developers that needs complete community documentation and offer easy and quick editing capabilities. The Machine Learning process with this framework is top notch and used by Facebook. However, the framework is a little slow when it comes to production but developers can add API servers to render the progress.


Caffee is another alternative to TensorFlow when a developer needs a robust ML framework for mobile app development. Companies like Facebook use Caffee 2 for the Face mobile app development. The framework is famous for the high-speed computations without risking the bulking restraints. The framework is also used for the excellent vision recognition feature in the software.

Firebase ML Kit

Firebase ML Kit offers an advanced feature for the development of the Machine Learning models for the AI software like text recognitions, labeling the images and texts, and very unique object classifications. It has pre-defined structure models that you can use to build the software without going through long procedures. The framework can be used to integrate machine learning features in the software without the need for complex computation.

The data analysis and science community have made the integration of Machine Learning nodes in the AI solutions so easy that almost all the companies are offering their software along with Ai features. The companies need not invest in creating and building the framework for the ML., in fact, the simple library can be used to create defined ML models for the Ais.