IoT Trends to watch out for In Mobile App Development

Technology is continuously evolving, and innovation came into existence every day. Technology advancement and IoT Trends directly impacts the mobile phone industry, from software to hardware everything changes with an innovation. Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things. Similarly, mobile app developers need to stay alert in order to provide better values. 

According to multiple reports, In 2020, an average person spent 3hr and 50 minutes on mobile phones. This evolution is due to the Internet of Things. Currently, 20 billion devices are connected to IoT and expected to reach 65 billion by 2025. No doubt the number of IoT connected devices is increasing at a great pace. The Internet of Things trends has changed the mobile software industry completely. Let’s look at the most popular IoT Trends

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are prospering technologies. Automation would not be possible without AI and ML. With billions of device connected with IoT, the amount of data needed to process will rapidly grow and AI as well as ML will play a crucial role in the process. The idea is not only to store data but process the data effectively. Developers need to work precisely in order to maintain AI, ML and IoT together. Automation of routine tasks, simplify work and accurate results can be achieved with the trio of AI, ML and IoT. 

  1. IoT and Healthcare
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The health sector is the most important field in today’s world. Due to covid-19, health sector observed a massive never-ending boom. According to Frost and Sullivan, IoT in the medical sector is expected to reach 75000 million US dollars by 2021. Major component after the medicine is the equipment used in the health sector, adoption of IoT in this equipment can help the society vastly. In fact, an enormous amount of IoT applications are already running in the health sector. Only because of the Internet of Things, Doctors and nurses can treat patients from a far distance. Smartwatches and portable checking devices are one of the biggest innovations in the Health care sector, thanks to IoT. 

  1. Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity is always been a subject of discussion. From “Facebook” to now “Whatsapp”, privacy and security always find a way to headline the newspaper. With the audiences getting smart to the rising number of smartphone users, Cybersecurity is now the priority for businesses. In fear of this, businesses have started storing information on custom cloud servers. From payment details to home security,  everything can be easily hackable if the security firewall is weak. IoT based applications can store sensitive data easily with the cloud system. 

  1. IoT Trends for e-commerce
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The retail industry is also leveraging the benefits of IoT. Supply chains will be more convenient than ever before with the help of IoT based mobile applications. Not only that but IoT integrated application can also improve the shopping experience of users with in-application advertisements based on shopping history. Internet of Things can collect, store, analyze and process data in little to no time. In short, IoT can help both the businesses as well as the customers. Imagine an inside map of store that lead you to the exact product you are searching for? It has the potential to rule an e-commerce platform in the coming years. This personalized experience will definitely bring a new era of shopping.

  1. Smart Home Devices
Image Source: Build Magazine

When launched, Smart home devices were mocked by everyone. Now, some years later people are finding it interesting. The reason behind the rising popularity of IoT devices is innovation. They are extended from being responsible just for automation to privacy and security. With smart home devices, the user can automate almost everything with their mobile phone without any security issues. These will result in more and more users adopting smart devices. IoT is now connecting with every other device with the help of smart applications, thus making them a smart device such as Television and washing machine. Developers should look at smart home devices as they are the future of technology. 

  1. Easy and Better Commuting
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Commuting will be easier for students, elderly peoples and business persons with the help of IoT based applications. Commuting is a issue for most because of huge traffic. With IoT and major technology integration, travelling will be significantly easy for users. IoT integration on street lights will make walking on road in night safe, data driven parking apps can help in finding parking places easily and a lot more. There are plenty of innovative ideas and IoT can be the one to make them a reality. As the transportation and travelling is increasing each year, the IoT based mobile app development will also see a huge growth.

  1. 5G
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Major telecom partners have started testing 5G network, in few months, we will be playing on ultra fast 5G networks. It’s obvious that this new technology will surely have a huge impact on mobile app development. We can expect 3D multiplayer gaming along with AR facility with the help of 5G network and IoT. Developers must be prepared for the rapid growth of IoT based 5G supportive applications. Along with this, enforced data security can be obtained by the integration of IoT with 5G networks. 


Internet of Things is going to be a big deal in the future. It has great potential to disrupt the existing technology and make a new better era of technology. The above-stated IoT Trends will definitely dominate the mobile application industry in 2021. Both the IoT consumer and businesses a series of connected devices and some great advantages. New upcoming technologies will be based on IoT Trends and support it to be more intuitive and easy. Directly or Indirectly, IoT can help businesses of every industry.