Invest in grocery business post-COVID 19 pandemic right now if you have not

Invest in grocery business post-COVID 19 pandemic right now if you have not!

Covid-19 pandemic this year has affected many businesses while some of them are at rock bottom a lot of other companies such as pharmacy, dairy, and grocery have seen a lot of growth.

Consumers are socially distancing themselves in the wake of the coronavirus disease; therefore, these businesses are suffering too. It’s been hard for retailers and wholesalers to deal with this situation.

Constant disruptions by the government in strict lockdown has affected many supply chains. As a result, there is a huge imbalance between supply and demand of products that were once available in the volume is now scarce. This is the effect of the pandemic does has led to people changing their shopping habits.

Now is the Perfect Time

The bottom line to this problem is that coronavirus is here to stay longer, and physical retail stores have an option to go digital for better sales and operations. And as groceries are products that will be in demand all the time, an online grocery store is the answer to all the problems mentioned above. So it is a smart move now to invest in developing on-demand or online grocery stores.

Even the government is now proposing people to go digital and do online shopping in these tough times. Hence it is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to reach a more extensive and new customer base.

Benefits of an Online Grocery Platform

24×7 online presence:

You can give instant online visibility by having a multi-vendor grocery platform for an app to sell groceries. This will help you reach a larger customer base.

Ordering and delivery tracking:

This is perhaps the best feature for businesses and customers when ordering something online. Businesses can stay updated with upcoming orders in the consumer can know their orders’ status, and till they arrived.

Improve customer experience:

An online grocery store with features that effectively use your consumers’ time can guarantee that they will appreciate your app’s experience. This factor will also enable them to spread the word of mouth about your platform.

Boost customer loyalty:

Product quality is not only the overall quality, but the design and user interface of the website or mobile app also plays a huge role in establishing your brand’s trust in the eyes of a consumer. Grocery vendors must take this seriously in the want to create a strong consumer loyalty brand.

Effective promotions and Rewards:

It is easy for vendors to promote their products using online offers. They can even reward their regular customers’ coupon codes valid for a limited time to boost sales. Promotions are a  great way to attract new customers and turn them into loyal customers.

Virtual assistants:

AI chatbots can answer instant queries in chat support options without any delays. The integration of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant can help consumers make online orders using voice assistant devices.

Final takeaway

Every 2 to 3 years, there is a shift in e-commerce that opens up many opportunities. Right now, e-commerce responsible for around 55% of all retail sales. This is a massive shift that creates hundreds of billions in a chance that can be realized by innovative retailers. In times like this, the only thing that can lead to a successful business is providing convenience to the customers and coming up with new and innovative business ideas.

So if you are looking to develop a custom grocery app, get in touch with the HIRUN’s team of expert developers that could get your online eCommerce store to build and grow quickly.