Internet of Things

As IoT is an increasingly growing concept, to simplify, IoT is Internet of Connected Devices. On a simple note, it means making things around us responsive and intelligent. To take this to the next level, we connect things with the Internet, so that they make complex activities simple. The IoT applications allow objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure.

Home Automation

Your home, your commands will be obeyed. Yes, We design a dream automation system for your home connecting all the appliances so that you can control them with your device. Furthermore, setting lights, the temperature is also involved. Apart from this our intelligent designers develop customized security solutions. A Home that Attends You!

Smart City

When your phones are smart, your home is smart why not make the city smart to do our bit for the environment and the country. We have well-crafted plans to use technology to uplift the city. Right from security to street lights to energy conservation, we have got it covered.

Smart Agriculture

Our team of experts develops powerful sensors and connects soil, temperature, irrigation system for the most productive farming experience ever along with saving a considerable amount of resources. This increases the revenue of farmers with optimum utilization of resources.

Smart Education

In case of doubts, kids instantly open the internet and get an answer to their questions. For millenial kids, the education system itself has to be smart enough to get their attention. There are numerous smart education apps. Design your dream academy online and share your knowledge worldwide.

Sensors & Connectivity

When we connect your devices and they respond to your commands when you have a detailed report on your soil, how do you think we do it. We design extremely powerful sensors and connect them with the internet for such accurate results that revolutionize lives. Motion sensors, moisture sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors, air quality sensors, you name it. Let us Innovate and Evolve.