How TV Shows has Gained Popularity During this Lockdown

How TV Shows has Gained Popularity During this Lockdown

One would be surprised to know that this is the first time within a decade that people have actually glued themselves with the television. With an unprecedented global lockdown due to the new coronavirus, people are left out with almost nothing to do. Certainly, all the outdoor activities have been compromised, even the earning members of the family are either sitting idle or working from their home. Under such circumstances, there has been a huge impact on the global economy, resulting in a recession. On the contrary, this has drastically boosted the viewership for smartphones and televisions. 

Data About Television Viewership

The study that was conducted by BARC-Nilsen suggests that the average viewership for television along has increased by 32 million. In the context of India, it has already crossed to 70 million minutes. For better understanding, on average, people are now spending almost 3 hours and 51 minutes in front of their TVs. As for the smartphone, the consumption of content has gone up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Particularly, news channels have seen a growth of 62%. As for the regional channels, the numbers are far greater. The urban population, in particular, are contributing a large portion of the viewership. 

Serving Nostalgia

As the lockdown continues, all the current tv shows and serials have been temporarily stopped. Then what is it that’s driving such huge traffic? TV channels have actually taken the road towards nostalgia where they are serving people with the TV shows they used t watch while growing up. Some of the biggest examples of such includes Shaktimaan and Ramayana, which was one of the biggest hits among Indian TV shows. Disney is also using the same marketing tactic by asking viewers to share the name of their first show or movie they ever watched from Disney. In the end, such a marketing strategy is really paying off.

Where is the Business in all of it?

In a not so distant past, traditional marketing strategies were mocked by digital marketers. Certainly, print media such as newspaper and magazines has seen a huge downfall, but that is not the case with television. In fact, TV advertisements have just gone skyrocketing. Just like their glorious days, telemarketers have again gained their momentum. The free commercial timing for TV ads has gone up 13%. It is as if someone’s loss has turned out to another’s gain. Sectors such as banking and finance, followed by food and beverages, have already started to invest in TV ads.

Final Verdict

One needs to understand that such a situation was inevitable. Most of the people are having a ton of leisure time at their hand. That is why they are trying to occupy themselves around the screen of television and smartphones. On the contrary, looking at the marketing side, this a great time to invest in TV commercials. Afterall, even the lockdown is removed, people are still going to stick to their regiment for a longer duration of time.