How To Make An App Like WhatsApp

App Like WhatsApp

The need for connection is one of the most important aspects of human psychology. People want a solution that makes it easy for them to do so, Instant Messaging apps like Whatsapp do just that, helping people to connect one on one without being ‘overcrowded’ like other social media platforms.  Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and owner of Facebook, while he was attending a Public Q&A said -“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking”. The majority of the age group using the Internet currently are young people, who prefer a more simplistic and casual approach to chat than email or text. On the other hand, they also need an appropriate and effortless means to send files such as music, videos, documents, and a lot more. Messaging apps help to fill that gap and connect people around the world. And it is not just about casual chatting, there is a great demand for an app like WhatsApp Business which caters to the needs of business messaging. But, how to create an app like WhatsApp?

What makes providing messaging service even more lucrative is the fact that Global Internet penetration currently stands at 59 percent and there is still a largely untapped opportunity lying dormant in the Instant Messaging sector.

Understanding App like WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is an instant messaging service, owned by Facebook. It was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton in 2009 which was later acquired by Facebook for a staggering US$ 19.3 billion approximately. It is currently a market leader in instant messaging in locations like Latin America, the Indian Subcontinent, and large parts of Europe and Africa. WhatsApp was ranked second place in the list of most downloaded apps in 2020 and is currently the most popular messaging apps in the world. The most popular feature it provides to the users are –

  • Ability to send text messages instantly.
  • Ability to send documents of various kinds and size
  • Ability to take photos from either the camera or the phone storage and send them to a contact
  • Ability to send multimedia files to contacts including audio and video
  • Ability to share geolocation on chat
  • Push notifications
  • Quick search to help keep track of messages which were sent long ago

But the features which make WhatsApp convenient are –

  • Cloud sync facility helps the user to retain the app data despite changing the phone.
  • Video and Voice calling; and
  • Group chats
  • End to end encryption 

You will now want to know how to create an app like WhatsApp or what are the things you will need to keep in mind to build app like WhatsApp. So let’s understand this in detail.

Creating an App like WhatsApp

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To create an app like WhatsApp certain things are to be thought in advance which include:

Preparing a business plan

 To create an app like WhatsApp the first step is to create a business plan that outlines your target audience, the target geography, and features that are planned to be included over and above what the average user requires in a messaging app

Hiring Developers to create an App Like WhatsApp

To develop app like WhatsApp, requires a great deal of time and effort, that too only if the person is from a technical background. The best solution to surpass this hurdle is to hire professional developers who are already experienced, versatile, and can deliver the said product with quality and promised period. 


The main importance of such a project should be given to keeping the app user-friendly as much as possible. It is important to also think from the perspective of the user and not just as a creator. Though features are necessary, still simplicity should play the key role. 

Adding Unique Features

To stay ahead of the competition the app that is being created must have some advantages over and above its competitors. For example, a larger size file can be allowed to be sent over the particular messenger as currently, apps like WhatsApp limits the size of a file that can be sent or personalization in form of theme change or change in text size or any other similar features.

Testing and Updation

It is important that before the commercial launch the product is thoroughly tested so that the initial response from the user remains positive. Once the initial response is good, further features can be added or removed with the help of regular updates to prevent bouncing off of users from the platform


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Facebook has been looking to earn money from WhatsApp without having a dent in its user numbers, which may come in form of third-party integrations lately, in India – the country with its biggest user base- it has tied up with local online retail platform JioMart for the same. That is why having a proper monetization plan for any product should be the topmost priority so that the commercial viability of the project can be maintained. This can be done in the following ways –


Advertising can be a great source of revenue if the app that is being created has some unique features or a competitive moat against the other competitors. Although it should not be overused or it may yield negative effects.


This is another great way to monetize the app where revenue from advertising is not preferred. Although, it is always good to keep in mind that the charges for the subscription are kept reasonable and the features for which the charges are taken are unique.


This is the most viable option where third-party apps like shopping apps or payment apps can be integrated into the messaging app which could make it more attractive to the user as it offers benefits of more than one app in a single app.


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Now comes the key component of the project, deciding the cost that is going to be incurred in the project and it is not just about the cost it is also about the quality. Quality should always be kept in mind while deciding the cost. 

The cost of the app and the time required to create the app can vary a lot keeping in mind the features that are to be included in the app. The estimated time required to develop an app like Whatsapp may vary anywhere between 570 to 730 hours and the cost may vary anywhere between $60000 to $180000 depending on the factors like -what features would you like to have, from which part of the world you are outsourcing your app development and for how many platforms you are building the app for. To get a good clarity on this, it is always good to consult the professionals regarding this where you can get a personalized plan regarding the cost and time taken in the creation of the app.

Now the question would be whom to consult?

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