How to get your employees excited about learning something new?

Ever felt like you are a robot?

Working in a fixed routine pattern without anything new to get excited for?

It happens with most of the employees that are working in big organizations. They often quickly become a part of the mere process in the company performing the same tasks every day. In the end neither the employee grows nor the company. This is why it has become important to get the employees excited to learn new things.

Taking some new learning initiatives can allow them as well as the organization to bring in more benefits and expand their industry knowledge. But how will you do that? Here are some strategies for you to get started,

Encourage your employees to have a growth mindset

Many of the upper management executives congratulate their employees when they perform their duty with excellence and get the desired results using their skills. Therefore it often happens that despite being skilled and talented, the employee stops taking risks to grow and becomes more and more concerned to protect themselves from failures. Instead of trying out new things, they start maintaining the image that got them the praise in the first place.

Therefore instead of only congratulating your employees for their brilliance, motivate them to take more risks and learn something new. This results in some new innovations for the company. Also, it will make the employee more excited to learn new things.

Publicly appreciate high-achieving employees

We all like to get a pat on the back when we do some excellent work, not because we need it but because it gives us the motivation to deliver similar or more improved results. The same comes to your employees when they are showing growth and more effort.

You can provide your employees with an example of how they can benefit by going through the training and how the experience will give them a new look towards problem-solving. Here are a few possible solutions that you can use:

  1. Create a list of employees that complete a particular course
  2. Shortlist the employees who have shown exceptional skills in multiple courses
  3. Give them a plaque of their name when they achieve a milestone from a course in the current month.

Providing employees with such creative recognition’s will not only boost their morale, but they will also find themselves motivated to learn more.

Award employees with incentives for program completion

Awarding with great incentive bonuses is the most common method to get the best out of your employees… Many organizations, in order to boost the performance, their employees provide them stock options, promotions to executive posts, premium benefits, and more such attractive rewards.

This type of incentive can drive the employees towards self-driving learning (SDL) programs that employees can complete at their own pace. It also gives them the freedom to pick topics that interest them and work on innovative new ideas in that field.

Summing it up

You can push your business forward with some solid new innovative ideas. But you can’t do that by changing just one person’s mindset. You need to support and motivate all the employees in your company to take risks and learn something new. In the long run, that is the only thing that can ensure your survival in this world of drastic change.