How To Easily Create eLearning Courses

Hey, Amidst this quarantine, while everyone is looking up to adding a new skill set, how about sharing yours? Everyone is on their gadgets, looking for new courses, looking for You! Do you think it’s a difficult task to keep up with the trend of eLearning? Let me guide you right towards creating your own eLearning course and I consider you’ll answer my question. Times when we are tech-dependent, right from answering a simple question to learning new hobbies, why not showcase your knowledge worldwide and build global learners. Let’s create an amazing E-learning experience!

1) Chalk-Talk with self

 For your course to be informative and engaging, it is really important to analyze what content is to be covered, to what extent and what is to be omitted. Certainly, you have a deep understanding of the subject but transferring it right is more important. You may feel to give it all but hold that urge. Understand that it’s a puzzle and pass on the necessary information in pieces for your learners to make a complete picture out of it. 

Hence, set objectives.

  • Purpose of every lesson
  • Expected Takeaway

2) Know your Audience

Be very clear: Who are you explaining to ? are they a bunch of students or corporate employees or entrepreneurs or anyone just trying to learn a new hobby. You cannot use the same teaching approach for all. 

Categorize: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert

With this, a learner who knows the basics won’t have to spend time repeating it and can switch directly to what he actually wants to gain out of the course. Matching your information with the learning goals is all you need to make your course a successful piece. When they pick from exactly where they want, you are the one they need!

3) Choosing a Right Platform

Here comes a stage that needs extensive analysis from your end. So, Let’s sort that out too. You mainly have two options

  • Use authoring tools:  There are a variety of tools that aid you to design your own course with pre-built templates with all basic functions and features needed. If you have limited exposure to programming or design, pick these and get started. Make sure you go through the reviews before you start using any tool as there are multiple options available.
  • cloud-based learning management system: You can create your own course from scratch even if you have limited exposure to programming or design. You can just sign up with one of these amazing platforms, such as TalentLMS, Docebo, and Litmos and just Drag, drop and you’re done. You can also Integrate quizzes, create an educational calendar that highlights important assignment deadlines. Before you sign up, make sure you compare the features with the cost. These are paid tools and require financial planning and critical thinking.

Now that you are ready with the content, you know your audience well and chose the right platform, what’s holding you back? Start designing your course and grow globally. Share knowledge online. When learners have the right content along with flexibility, nothing blends more perfectly. Welcome to the world classroom. Keep it crisp!

Here if you’re looking for a perfect tech partner to develop your customized eLearning platform, you are at the right place. With your domain knowledge and our tech minds, we will help you design an amazing e-learning platform.

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