How the Aarogya Setu App is Raising Awareness among Indians

How the Aarogya Setu App is Raising Awareness among Indians

In the amid of the global pandemic, the government of India has come up with a truly extraordinary application. The app is none other than Aragya Setu, which according to your Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi is the primary source of contact tracing in India. After the announcement of the second phase of lockdown, he has requested all the citizens to download the application and help combat the coronavirus. 

The app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As of now, the application has already been downloaded 70 million times in Play Store while receiving three lakhs reviews. Acting as a one-stop solution to create awareness, the application has come on top of any other similar app. The biggest function that this application caters is to track down potential COVID-19 victims with the help of reliable government networks. 

Setting up the Aragya Setu App

The initial set up process for the Aragya Setu app is as easier as it can ever get. Now, once the account has been set up, the app asks for Bluetooth and location permission. You will also be asked for some basic information such as your name, age, gender, along with your health status. The application also asks, whether you have been in other countries prior to the lockdown or not. Later on, the user needs to go through the self-assessment test to make sure of your health condition and look for any COVID-19 symptoms. 

How the Contact Tracing Function Works?

The Aarogta Setu app makes use of the Bluetooth functionality of the smartphone to create close-range proximity between two users. In other words, if the application is installed in both of their smartphones and they come in each other’s Bluetooth range, then the app collects that information. 

This is highly beneficial under circumstances where one person has already been tested positive. The app will automatically alert the other person and help them to take preventive measures. On the contrary, this will also help the government to trace on potential cases. 

The information is conveyed within the app alone, with the proper instructions for self-isolation. The application even provides further support for everyone who has developed symptoms for the new coronavirus. 

Concluding Words

There are hardly any words left to describe the huge benefits of launching an app like this. Certainly, like every other software, there are a subtle drawback, but in the middle of the crisis that shouldn’t be criticized. That being said, in app version 1.0.5, the government has already added a feature where you can donate to the PM CARE fund. Coming straight out of government concern, it can deal with all the scams that are going around regarding donation.

In the new update, Argaya Setu is in the process of adding e-passes which can help the users to move around in the lockdown. That is a great way to make out the trajectory of the same users. In the end, this application is a living proof that India has long overcome their technological barriers and moving towards a brighter and promising future.