evolution of fashion

How technology is becoming evolution of fashion?

The influence of technology has increased a lot in the last decade, there is almost no area which is not under its influence. In such a situation, the intervention of technology in the fashion sector has proved very effective, the growth in fashion through technology has been seen in the best way.

The fashion industry is constantly making great changes in itself, in which case the contribution of technology is invaluable in keeping people updated with the latest trendy fashion. The wonderful confluence of technology and invention is well understood by fashion, and this is the reason for some reports who stated that the fashion industry will expand to $ 765 billion by 2022.

Fashion has got a new direction with e-commerce, in today’s era it is quite common for every person to have a smartphone, irrespective of their age. In such a situation, displaying the latest fashion with fashion icons means emphasizing on people to be fashionable. And this strategy is quite successful. Platforms like Stitch Fix and Matchesfashion.com have further simplified fashion by bringing 3D technology features.

Best Fashion At Low Cost, How?

This is a simple question that can be answered with increasing competition, but Artificial Intelligence and Experimental Marketing are two strong pillars of the fashion world.

Artificial Intelligence

The big brands of fashion are finding out what kind of consumer demand is more in fashion through data analytics, AI, 3D printing. As everyone knows that social media is the king of the Internet world, in such a way, if the product is presented in front of the right audience, then the conclusion will be the best. This is where customer targeting works, reading, analyzing, summarizing data and then presenting the particular product to the same target audience and selecting email marketing to track the customer, making it confident – Also, the seriousness of the product is also reflected.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is also one of the best outputs of Digital Growth. Some customers’ trust is destroyed when they are not delivered to their satisfaction. Virtual Assistant acts like a dressing room, a dressing room that is available on your mobile phone. Where customers can choose and select clothes according to their body shape, eyes, skin type and hair. This not only gives the customer favorite fashion but also adds to the customer’s trust as he understands it easier. Big brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, and Burberry now provide monogrammed products to meet the personal preferences of buyers. Virtual assistants prove to be very effective in keeping the consumer tied to the company for a long time.

Mobile shop

The mobile in your pocket is now not only for basic works but more than its name, it works “too smartly”, social media craze has increased a lot nowadays to stay fashionable, and its most talked about-face. There is Instagram, Instagram keeps high-profile fashion continuously and due to the fan’s fashion craze, Instagram has also applied the shopping feature. Because people now like to work smartly, instead of shop, mobile-friendly shopping has become a favorite.

The conclusion

We can say that technology has completely covered fashion, things which previously seemed imaginary are now in reality, technology has also made this field very easy. Almost all have become digital in the market, and those that have not happened have no other option because this is the digital age.