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Foldable phones -What is the future?

Samsung recently launched its second foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The phone is similar to the Moto Razr, which we saw earlier and was released by Motorola as a foldable version of their famous flip phone Razr, which was released in the early 2000s. The phone made people go crazy over its flip design.

While some can say that smartphones have reached their peak, it means we got the best we can for a smartphone, and nothing can be improved anymore. But since the flexible displays came into the picture, the landscape has been changed. We can also agree that the technology is in its primary stages, which is evident from the issues faced by Galaxy Fold during its initial launch.

But foldable phones do seem to be the next step in the smartphone industry. One of the best advantages is its ability to shrink the size of smartphones that we today carry in our pockets. If you have seen any of the early reviews of the Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr, then you will know that they are half the size of the smartphones that we currently use.

We all prefer a big screen that we can watch our favorite movies on, but let’s be honest that we don’t want to carry the big and heavy devices that usually come with those big screens. Therefore foldable phones do seem to make a possible option for the features.

Challenges faced by Foldable Phones

One of the issues that previously launched Galaxy Fold faced was due to the crease formed between the partition where the device closed. Initially, the company included a hidden message for the user in the manual. Obviously, they thought that everyone reads a manual, right? It said not to peel the protective plastic on top of the screen, but we usually do the early reviewers remove the plastic, and then it all went wrong.

People started having their display gone black; some had issues with display working only on one side and not other. Samsung released a statement that they will be calling back all units and solve the issue.

It came out that the issue faced was due to people removing the protective layer of plastic that wasn’t supposed to remove. Samsung fixed this issue by moving that protective layer underneath the display. They also applied plastic protection caps at the edges to reduce the amount of dirt that gets in.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip seems to have solved many of the problems like improved hinge design to keep the debris out. Along with that, they also implemented a new glass layer above the flexible plastic display. While the device is particularly new and it will be seen how it performs over time as it is used regularly.

For sure, we can say that in the future compact Foldable phones will surely replace our current big chunky smartphones. The more realistic model for future smartphones will be similar to the Galaxy Z Flip, while the Galaxy Fold, like smartphones, will be ideal for tablet-like devices.