Environmental sustainability

Can the digital era help in tackling environmental challenges?

At first, it seems that the digital industry and environmental sustainability are two very different topics. The digital sector is governed by artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Internet of Things, assembly lines, and much more such technologies. While the other includes environment and climate instability.

Environmental sustainability demands that we should start capping our carbon emission and start switching towards renewable energy. Business owners are slowly recognizing that it is impossible to meet the requirements of the world population just by increasing production. Without innovation, in the fundamental business model, we won’t be able to make any drastic changes needed to save the environment.

We live in an era where digital capabilities such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will be so much enhanced moving forward that it will eventually pass the social-cognitive skills in certain areas.

What should be done?

The application of digital technology requires a far more balanced sustainable strategy, that will understand it’s economic and social impacts. As AI has been useful to address environmental degradation, it is more of an unguided technology. If it is to be used in favor of human survival, we must ensure that it aligns with humanity’s values.

The companies should also work towards having a board with digital and sustainable advisory units to ensure that the boards understand AI and machine learning correctly. Companies should also pay attention to that AI has been used with minimizing environmental damage and maximizing the value it provides.

Major tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft are already working with energy companies such as ExxonMobile and Ameren to find oil together. By using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the process of oil discovery can be made easier and accurate.

There also needs that the policymakers, companies, researchers, and other executive-level people should understand and explain the general populations to multiple effects of digital systems and anticipate the structural change needed to provide the basis for sustainability transformations.

Is the youth engaged in this?

All over the globe, the voice of youth has become one of the most potent forces for change. Young people are becoming more and more aware of the ongoing environmental degradation and are demanding to make better environmental policies. They are taking charge of their future and insist on having access to a healthy and green planet.

Through innovative and youth-focused education, the children today can be taught the values of preserving the earth while growing up and be aware of climate change. Some of the innovative solutions have led to the development of games that engage the user and teach them about wildlife preservation.

My Green World is one such platform that helps equip today’s youth with knowledge, experience, and tools needed to meet the challenges that our planet faces today. They aim to inspire curiosity in every person by creating an engaging environmental education.

Technology, if properly used, has the ability to vastly enhance our understanding of the environment. Investing today in digital technology and bringing more innovative solutions to the existing environmental crises can really reshape our world for better.