cybersecuirity awareness

Cyber security awareness training -Why your employees need one

As per a recent study from Fraud watch International, 95% of cybersecurity attacks are a result of errors made by humans. On top of that only 30% of organizations have prepared anything to protect themselves from this kind of attack.

Cyber attacks can be the result of any insignificant tasks such as downloading a simple email attachment, sharing documents using external drives or even sharing credentials to colleagues. Your employees may not be aware that malware has entered your company systems until the hacker triggers an attack. Therefore it is necessary to educate employees with proper training about cybersecurity.

What topics to cover

Spam: Mostly we receive a lot of emails every day and we might not open every one of them but we still open some which are related to our social networking sites. When someone sends you an invitation to connect on LinkedIn it might turn out to be embedded with password-stealing malware.

Phishing: Phishing has now become a common practice. Here the hacker targets a broad uneducated audience and lures them to reveal passwords and other sensitive information using genuine-looking emails.

Malware: Malware is a short form for ‘malicious software’, it is generally in software or file that you download from the internet and then open on your computer. They target organizations and enterprises to cause harm and shut down their systems.

Ransomware: Similar to malware, the use of ransomware is to extort money from the target organization by infecting their files and confidential information. It enters your system when you open a file that you downloaded from the internet and spreads through your system when you open it.

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How to train your employees

Instead of going for any off the shelf modules available online about cybersecurity, invest in hiring a professional expert in the topic that can work directly with your organization. Having a dedicated professional can help you build up high defense walls around your company that address your unique structure and fulfills employee needs.

Also when it comes to cybersecurity training make it a regular part of your company’s culture. Make sure to offer you, employees, with plenty of opportunities to practice safe online behaviors in between. With the current technology changing at a rapid rate the cybersecurity attacks are also becoming more sophisticated so staying up to date can safeguard your company from a lot of vulnerabilities.

How much Cyber Security training cost?

The cost depends on the providing agency, the number of staff receiving it and the type of topics you want them to cover. Some agencies offer study materials, testing, reporting, and real-time situation training. As your organization may be smaller than you can pick only the most basic parts and save some cost.

Most cybersecurity attacks are aimed at bigger organizations that are rich in resources. So when picking a cybersecurity training compare the cost with the cost that incurs to reverse the side effects caused by any cyber-attacks. This single investment to train you employees can pay a lot in the future. You can save a lot of your customers from becoming targets of a serious cyber-attack.


Employees are the first in the line of defense against cyber attacks one mistake can cost your company a lot of money and you might even find yourself breaking the law. So, keeping the defense line strong will make the whole company a lot stronger and make your employees feel like cyber heroes.