Contribution of IoT in the Education sector

These days many devices are turning to smart devices due to the presence of the Internet to the corner of the world. However, when the innovations and technology come to the education industry, it gets backward. The conventional methods of teaching are now evolving. Many schools have introduced smart classrooms to teach students effectively with the use of developed technology.

In this article, we will discuss the importance and contribution of IoT in the education segment. Every changing technology have now gained popularity in the field of education also.

Technology has become an integral part of today’s lives. However, many educators have still not adopted the IoT devices for making learning fun and effective. We have compiled some list of the IoT devices that are being used in the education sectors by schools and colleges these days.

IoT Devices and Applications in Education Sector

Smart Internet Connected Boards

Smart Boards in schools and colleges have replaced the conventional black bards entirely. These smart boards interactive and fun for the students to learn the subjects. In these IoT based smart boards, teachers are now able to draw diagrams and pictures in an easy interactive manner. They can be downloaded by the students as it is and help them to keep important notes from the teachers. Smartboards are a great tool for the teachers and educators to explain the concepts with greater details which are otherwise not possible with the blackboards.

Online Attendance Program

Many schools and colleges have adopted the means of online attendance programs and records for the convenience of the students and their parents. The attendance records are now available online in real-time for the school management and parents so that an eye can be kept on students. Parents can also evaluate the number of days of absence done by their ward for the benefit of the studies. The online application for recording attendance is a very easy and intuitive way to motivate students to attend classes regularly.

Safety Measures

The best part of IoT devices in the schools and colleges are the safety measures by way of IoT security systems. Many schools are now directed by the Government to keep update to security systems in the school for the safety of their students. These security systems are now available with the feature of real-time alerts. If a student is trapped in the lift he can send a real-time alert to the school administration about the situation for fast action.

IoT Devices for Disable students

IoT smart devices have been a craze for the student who is specially able and needs extra features devices or applications for students. With the IoT devices, these students can interactively learn the lessons and get different readability methods. The initiatives taken by the IoT industries in the development of the IoT devices for disabled kids have impacted a lot in recent times. Learning through IoT devices and internet-connected devices can be exhilarating for all types of students. Most importantly, these smart devices and classrooms are an interesting way of learning for the teachers too. they are now able to teach students with greater details and the use of the interactive mode of education can have a deeper impact on the students. IoT has truly bridged the gap in the education industry from now and the future.