Cloud Computing: Why it matters?

Cloud Computing: Why it matters?

Cloud computing is the revolution in the IT industry. The concept was sold promptly and was adopted by small and big users instantly. However, there is some doubt about the integrity and security of cloud computing. Still, users of the Internet embraced technology and invested in the idea.

With the increased use of the Internet and computers, cloud computing was much-needed options. The users, companies, and engineers now can access any information or data with a remote location. Everyone uses cloud computing by any means or other. Earlier users of the computer systems used to work with the local servers. But with cloud computing, the world is the limit.

Importance of Cloud Computing


The best part of cloud computing is that the system is completely invisible, and users need not spend their money on the infrastructure. The infrastructure and system maintenance is easy with cloud computing.


With cloud computing, users of the Internet need not invest in the capital and operational cost of the cloud computing system. Hence, cloud computing is cost-effective for companies and users who just need to pay for the services. The capital investment in the system and maintenance cost is saved with cloud computing.

Automatic Up to date

The software upgrades and hardware relocation are done automatically in the cloud computing system. The system which is not hosted at your location needs no attention for the upgrades. The system will update itself when the update patch is sent to the machine. For the slow and maintenance, the server in cloud computing, you need to release a patch. Manual technicians are not required.

Flexible to use

With the increase in the traffic and use of the internet, you can increase the capacity of the cloud servers. Earlier, this was not available with the local servers. With cloud computing, you can use the server inflexible manner. If the server is not used to its capacity, you can also sublet the portion to the third party.


Since the cloud servers are always hosted and available at all places, it increases the mobility of the users. You can access the internet from anywhere, hence you can use an app, data, or website from anywhere in the world. The mobility f cloud computing has made the technology loved by all. Now you can access your emails from your mobile, tabs, and computer from any location.

Recovery of Data

The best part of cloud computing is disaster recovery. If you have data stored in the cloud, you can retrieve and run the files anytime you want. This decreases the chances of data loss and theft from your system. Plus, you can store the data in the cloud which saves storage space your computer.

The need for cloud computing has increased in recent times. But many challenges are faced by the users of the Internet by the use of Cloud Computing. Some of the challenges faced by cloud computing technology are-


With the increasing use of the Internet to retrieve, compute, and save the data in cloud servers we have become dependent on the Internet. The hole business or work can collapse in scenario complete blackout. Cloud computing does not work offline, hence dependency on the Internet has increased.

Data Security

Since all the data are stored in the cloud servers, we have become vulnerable. The data stored in the cloud servers are now targeted for the hackers and data thieves. Once they break into the cloud vaults all your data can be lost.