China vs India: The technology difference

When compared between China vs India’s science and technology capabilities, there was not much difference in late 1980. But after 1990, China was racing fast towards development and soon went ahead of India. China was heavily investing in education and research. Since then China didn’t look backward and left India far behind. They have understood that science and innovation will help them to thrive in their economy.

China desired to become world leaders in as many areas as possible while India didn’t have any such purpose. The communist Chinese regime started bringing change by freeing agriculture from state control and enforcing the one-child policy to control the population.

On the other hand, India with traditional law of the open market adopted a socialist economic model that discouraged big private enterprise and wealth creation policies. In the course of 10 years from 1960 to 1970, the Indian economy grew around 3.5% whereas the population grew 2.5%. The population growth rate became a curious case as a post-world war, it was among the first few countries to adopt population control policy.

In 1962, When China and India fought a war, China snatched a piece of around 37,000 sq km of land in Ladakh. China then became the border rival of India. While China continued to invest and work on its military to consistently improve its armory, Indian forces are long overdue with modern weaponry.

We need the energy to survive and develop and it is produced mainly from coal and oil which are non-renewable resources. However, developed countries have shifted to alternate options to reduce dependency on coal and promote green energy like solar power. China has successfully achieved this goal and is now the second-largest producer of solar energy. On the other hand, India might imitate this example and decrease its use of oil and coal which is a dent on the Indian economy as these resources are mainly imported.

When we talk about electric vehicles, China has aggressively pushed the use of electric vehicles and it has the highest number of electric vehicles and public charging points for them. India is planning to walk on the same path and it will also do wonders for the air pollution condition of the country.

It would not be wrong to say that India should learn a few tricks of the trade from China. When compared to India, China was once a poorer country in terms of GDP per capita until as late as 1990. But China has now been able to achieve a booming per capita GDP which is 4.6 times India’s. China vs India is never-ending comparison.


We hope that this article has helped you understand how far these two countries are in preparing for their future. Though there are still many setbacks in China, it has come a long way of development and moving further quickly. Whereas, India has been left behind in military power, economy, technological progress, and pollution control. China has already left its mark as all-round exponential progress to emerge as a world leader while India is still known as an emerging power.