Best Digital Tools Used During E-Learning

Best Digital Tools Used During E-Learning

These days eLearning has taken up the pace. With the numerous online course and students, there is an increased need for the digital tools that will help you organize course materials, gather information for the projects, and cloud storage for saving the course details and projects online. Many professionals agree that eLearning is not possible without these digital tools.

We have compiled a list of digital tools that you can use during online courses or e-learning.

Best Productivity Tools for e-Learning


Trello is a project management tool online that works on Kanban Technique. It offers a productivity tool to the members of the team. You can schedule tasks, pin the board with the message, and use the calendar for marking important dates. With Trello, it becomes easy to communicate and coordinate with various members of the team. The boards can access by the team and any member can put the task

Google Drive

Google Drive is another unique and helpful team management tool that helps the members of the team to access the file from anywhere in the world. The teachers and professors can upload the assignments and works in the drive and it can be accessed by the students from anywhere. Google drive is also useful when students want to submit their project in the Drive.


The mural is another productivity tool for the team. It actually helps in the e-learning courses where brainstorming and discussions are of prime importance. The application also helps the team members to note the worthy points about the topic and teachers can access and mark the discussion accordingly. The best part of the tool is that all the ideas and discussion points are stored in one place along with the briefs and supporting documents. The application is very good for project discussions.

Best Research Tools for eLearning


Reddit is the biggest forum online for discussions on any topic. There are a number of threads for the subject, and if you need to find out about the subjects and topics, you can follow the subreddit and get your details from there. Reddit is the best research tool that will help you get better knowledge about the subject so that you complete your eLearning course timely. The Reddit forums contain the data from the experts and professionals, so they are reliable.


Feedly is a free tool that helps you collect data from your favorite website or blog. You can read the news and learn new updates about your subject. E-learning is very interesting with Feedly when you want yourself to get updated with the subject.

Best Networking Tools for e-learning


Twitter is the best networking tool for e-learning. You can create a twitter handle for your group and keep your team members update with the class details. You can also send messages and collect people fro the course.

Best Communication Tool for e-learning


For the mass communication of the e-learning course, Mailchimp is the best solution. It helps you create important emails and messages for your e-learning course and you can send out these emails with just one click. The software also helps you create mail that will not go spam in the receiver’s inbox.


This software is appropriate for the e-learning groups and teachers who want to create a free newsletter for the course. You can create the newsletter and brochures and send them to the mass.