Best Artificial Intelligence Software Development Tools

Best Artificial Intelligence Software Development Tools

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new wave of the trend for all IT industry. Many software developers and hardware manufacturing their IoT devices with a hint of AI. You have heard of Alexa, Siri a google Assistance, all these are AI that is taking place in our life.

For developing any software technology, the developers are required to go through the long procedure of writing codes and implementing them. However, the presence of tools for the development of AI software has changed the mindset of these developers. There are tools available online which will simplify the process of AI software development and him with developers, in making AI application with ease.

What is AI?

AI is considered a high-tech based application in the IoT devices which can educate themselves with the time. Essentially, all the application requires machine language input for processing information f in the software. But with the AI application, you need not use any machine language input. You can ask queries according to your language and the machine will offer you a solution as per its best knowledge.

In recent times, AI software is used by the business to render the customer services, IT security service provider, and to handle supply chain management for the manufacturing units. AI is basically a simulation of human intelligence processed by the machine by learning with the time. They are mostly voice-activated and can perform a small task for you.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of tools that are used by the AI software development companies for AI-based featured Solutions.

Google ML Kit

Google ML Kit or the Google SDK beta toolset is available online which is used by the AI software developers to get solutions for generating mobile apps for the iOS and Android-based phones. The tool helps the mobile developers to integrate APIs for the machine learning technologies in the mobile app.

With this tool, the developers can add advanced features to their mobile apps like face recognition, text and image detection, and read by the application, barcode scanning, and others.


TensorFlow is an open-source numerical program that helps the developers of the AI software to create simple yet effective AI kits for software. The best part of using TensorFlow is that you can create programs in Python programming language which can be run in the CPU and GPU. So there is no need for the conversion of the program to C++ levels. You can continue your work on the GPU platform. Developers can create AI-based solutions for mobiles, clusters, desktops, and CPUs and TPUs with TensorFlow.


MxNext is the AI software development tool for the developers that need replacement of long sequence codes for the AI-based solutions. It allows you to create forgetting backdrop for the software solutions which can be used in the memory computation. There are many features in the MxNext that can be used by the developer for adding custom layers to the high-end programming of the AI solutions. The compatibility of the TVM will enhance and extend the compatibility with new devices.

Microsoft Azure AI Platform

Microsoft Azure is the most sort after online AI development tool for software engineers who offer a great number of features to your AI-based solutions like voice assistance, speech learning capabilities, machine learning, and knowledge mining. The tool mainly used by the developers for its capabilities for knowledge mining. Developers can search for documents and images by using Microsoft Azure.