Best 2020 Startups in the IoT Industry

Best 2020 Startups in the IoT Industry

IoT industry is booming these days due to the availability of Internet all over the World. IoT means internet of things which reflects the industry focusing on the products and services that are interconnected with the Internet and embedded with the sensors, software, network connectivity and necessary electronics. There are number of startups in the IoT industry that indulge themselves in the business of automotive IoT, commercial and enterprise manufacturing and transportation industry.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Startups in 2020 that are IoT industry based.


xFarm is based in the farming business. As the agriculture business is becoming complex with the time and government formalities, xFarm aims to provide the digital platform to the farmers and landowners. The startup has the funding of three million euros and focusing on the development of the tools and applications that will help the farmers in the food supply chain in the current market scenario. The application developed by the xFarm have the sensors that will connect the members of the xFarm apps users and various elements of the agriculture business. is the sister concept that was developed in the year 2013 with the CrateDB. The application provides an extra layer of data for the host cloud service for the IoT based platforms and services. The services rendered by the specially designed to provide for the database services for the IoT industry players. It supports the SQL database solutions for integrated search, analyses and storage of data for longer time. has managed the funding of 17.9 million dollars for the business.


Foghorn is the Realtime time intelligent software for the manufacturing and distributing companies. The main objective of the Foghorn products is to provide service to the manufacturing sites with less or frequently loss of internet connectivity. The products perform analyzing of the data at the real time and does not disrupt the functions even when there is weak internet connectivity. The main product of Foghorn is the Lighting platform that not only does the computing work of the unit but also real time edge computing, machine learning and AI implementations like analyzing and implementation.


Infraspeak applications are used in the organization with the heavy use of electrical usage. The application is developed to notify the user about the electrical failure directly to the on-site technicians with the location and unit in which the failure has occurred. The application is quick and can notify the technicians instantly without loss of time. It is also designed to give out information along with the location and type of failure. Once the technician has received the information the application marks the notification as solved. The application has the funding of 5.4 million dollars.

Influx Data

Influx Data is one of the most interesting startups in the IoT industry with the objective of analyzing and measuring theatric of usage and deploying of the IoT applications. It increases the business value for the developers and the software company. The application is useful for monitor and analyses the applications for the developers and high-end technical companies.

Smarten Spaces

Smarten Spaces understand the consumer need for spaces and the quickly you make it available to them quickly you get into the business. With the Smarten Spaces booking an event space or looking for rent space is very easy. It provided end to end AI platform to the business owners and help them to get their business started.