7 SEO trends you should follow for 2020

SEO in 2020 has been one of the most searched topics on the internet. Everybody is concerned about whether their website is SEO optimized or not.

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Don’t panic!

While there is a lot of content out there, if you focus on providing the user with great content, getting a higher rank is easy. We have prepared a list of all the main SEO trends that you should keep your website updated within 2020 to aim for more top rankings.

Voice Search
Voice Search

1. Voice search optimization

As per a recent study, about 50% of the search queries on mobile were made using a voice assistant. Most of the users out there are opting for the use of voice assistants more and more as it is convenient. You should focus on making content easy to read, and your keywords more conversational for better SEO optimization in 2020.

2. Optimize images for search results

Specific browsers show images differently, so rename your image with its description. This way, when an image fails to load, the name will tell the user what painting is about. Images also play a huge part in SEO trends in 2020

Images with alt text also rank in Google when a particular model has been searched. So, a user viewing your image is also likely to visit your website.

Keywords research
Keywords research

3. Long-tail keywords

I can’t stress this enough if you want your content to rank higher focus on using long-tail keywords. More than two words, combined as a keyword, are known as a long-tail keyword. For SEO optimization in 2020, using multiple versions of the same keyword makes your content more natural and easily searchable.

4. Keyword research

Keywords are the key to making your content reach more and more audience. Until you don’t know for which search terms you want your content to rank for, you won’t be able to optimize the images and rest of the page contents accordingly to draw the appropriate amount of traffic.

When you are using keywords, keep in mind not to overuse them. Keyword stuffing is also one of the reasons that can get you marked from Google.

5. Quality Content

Content always remains the key. The post you are preparing for your website should provide value to the visitors. By providing value, you are building a loyal base of users that will keep returning to your website in order to solve their queries. Also, keep linking to the pages that are relevant to the post you are writing for better SEO in 2020. The more you can engage the visitor, the less will be your bounce rate, and in return, the rankings will be higher.

6. Optimize for mobile

In 2018 Google declared that performance on mobiles would be the first criterion that all the websites will be tested for. Make sure that your website has a design well optimized for mobile use. The text on the website should be crisp and clear, making it easy to read on smaller screens.

7. Use schema markup

Schema markup helps in defining a proper structure for your website. You should embed the schema markup code on your website and correctly highlight the pages or categories that you want the user to visit. Schema showcases the data from your website, which the user might be looking for.